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Ubiquiti releases new UAP and USW firmware, version 4.3.13 – with a lot of changes and bug fixes!

Ubiquiti has been testing the next version of firmware for the UniFi APs and UnIFi Switches for a fair few months now and today, it has been released to general release and has also been pushed to UniFi Controllers. This release is a huge one, we have gone from 4.0.80 to 4.3.13 and the release notes are extensive, we won’t post every single change in this post, but we will highlight a few of the most notable.

Changes highlights

For the Pro line of UniFi Switches, they now support static routes, there is improved crash reporting for all UniFi Switches, the max PoE capability for the UniFi Flex Switch has been increased from AF to AT PoE, on G3 UniFi APs being used in Japan, 160MHz channel widths are now supported, fast roaming on all UniFi APs has been made more stable and so has the guest portal – and a lot, lot more.

All compatible devices in the UniFi Controller will now show 4.3.13 as an available update.


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