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Product Description:


Protect your UniFi Switch Flex with the Ubiquiti UniFi Switch Flex Utility — an weatherproof outdoor enclosure that is designed specifically for the Switch Flex.


It includes an Ethernet patch cable and a 60W PoE adapter with a 46W power budget to enhance your outdoor installation. It can be mounted onto a wall or pole, has an integrated cable management system, and includes a screw lock for security. Please note that a UniFi Switch Flex is not included.


  • Weatherproof outdoor enclosure for UniFi Switch Flex
  • Includes 60W PoE adapter and Ethernet patch cable
  • Can be mounted on a pole
  • Screw Lock & Cable management system

USW-FLEX-UTILITY Ubiquiti Weatherproof Outdoor Enclosure For USW-Flex Switch

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