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Product Details:

The Ubiquiti Networks UF-SM-1G-S is part of the U Fiber product line. It is a single mode SFP with BiDi (bidirectional) capabilities, allowing reuse of existing infrastructure

For long-distance, single-mode runs, use the UF-SM-1G-S for distances up to 3 km at 1 Gbps. This model is BiDirectional; maximizing re-use of existing infrastructure by using two different modules, each using different wavelengths (upstream and downstream) on a single fiber. Each purchase comes in a pair of UF-SM-1G-S


  • Single-Mode Fiber
  • Data Rate: 1.25 Gbps SFP
  • BiDi (Bi Directional)
  • Connector Type: (1) LC

UF-SM-1G-S Ubiquiti SM Single Mode 1 SFP Fiber Module UACC-OM-SM-1G-S

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