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Product Description

Introducing the Advanced Power over Ethernet Controllers, TOUGHSwitch™ PoE from Ubiquiti Networks.

TOUGHSwitch PoE delivers reliable passive PoE and fast 10/100/1000 Mbps connectivity to attached Ubiquiti devices and other devices that support passive PoE.

To connect your PoE devices, simply enable PoE in the easy-to-use TOUGHSwitch Configuration Interface. Each port can be individually configured to provide PoE, so both PoE and non-PoE devices can beconnected.

TOUGHSwitch PoE is a cost effective, 5-port Gigabit switch with 24V PoE support.

TOUGHSwitch PoE allows network architects to design cleaner, less cluttered deployments. For example, integrating one TOUGHSwitch PoE PRO can eliminate the need for the following:
• 8 PoE adapters
• 8 power cords
• 8 power outlets
• 8 Ethernet patch cables

TOUGHSwitch PoE deployments increase efficiency and greatly reduce potential failure points – resulting in faster installations and less maintenance and troubleshooting.


Main Features

Five (5) Gigabit PoE Ports
• Additional (1) 100-BaseT Port For Management
• Ubiquiti Intuitive Configuration Interface
• Advanced Switch Management Features - VLAN, (R)STP And More
• Designed For Tough Environment - Outside Of Designated Equipment Room
• No Equipment Cabinet Necessary - Wall Mountable Switch
• PoE Support - 24V Or Off
• Industrial Grade Product


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TS-5-POE Ubiquiti ToughSwitch POE 5 Port Gigabit Switch UBNT

  • 1 Year From Date Of Purchase

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